Feb 102015

On Monday February 9, 2015 the Cutler Plotkin Jewish Heritage Center hosted the Czech Holocaust Torah Commemoration Program and Service. Eighteen of the 23 Torahs on permanent loan to Arizona synagogues were presented. It was amazing to see so many people from the community come together. The Torahs help keep alive the memory of those that lost their lives.

Several of the members of the community participated in the service, and Arnie Schwartz had the honor of carrying our Torah in the ceremony.

For more information on The Memorial Scrolls Trust, the organization that tracks and cares the for Czech Holocaust Torahs, click here: http://www.memorialscrollstrust.org.

pilzen synagogue

The original home of our Torah MST#544. The Pilsen Synagogue as it looks today

  • Rabbi Barton Lee giving the sermon
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