Beth Ami Temple Open House

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Sep 142017

Thank you everyone for attending the biggest Beth Ami Temple Open House in our history!

Your presence truly showed we are a “small temple with a big heart”!

Open House 9/2017

Beth Ami Temple Open House – September 2017

Jewish News Article Welcomes New Clergy

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Sep 022017

Thank you to the Jewish News for mentioning Beth Ami Temple’s new clergy and our Open House on Friday, September 8th! We welcome the community to attend and see what makes this “small temple with a big heart” so special!

Paradise Valley Independent Newspaper Features Beth Ami Temple

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Aug 172017

Thank you Scottsdale Independent and Paradise Valley Independent newspapers for helping Beth Ami Temple introduce our new Rabbi and Cantorial Soloist at our Open House on Friday, September 8th! We welcome the community to attend and see what makes this “small temple with a big heart” so special!

Beth Ami Temple to introduce new clergy at community open house

Classic Fundraiser with a Classic Family

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Apr 302017

They sweet sound of violin music filled the air of the Beth Ami annual fundraiser. Lan Qui, Joy Pan and their two boys Allen and Ivan gave a superb performance. The 90 minute concert was filled with classic pieces such as Dvorak’s Sonata in G major to an excerpt from Schindler’s List performed beautifully by Allen. Joy played an amazing 1950’s violin chart topper, The Hot Canary and the show ended with a wonderful rendition of God Bless the USA. Which is one of Lan’s favorite pieces and definitely an audience favorite tonight.

  • Pre concert practice

A Night of Music with the Qui Family

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Mar 172017


Phoenix Symphony violinist Lan Qiu and his family will usher in notes of hope when they headline the annual Sounds of Spring concert at Beth Ami Temple, 3535 E. Lincoln Blvd. 3 p.m. Sunday, April 30.

Mr. Qiu, his wife Joy, and sons Ivan and Allen Pan will perform a selection of songs, ranging from baroque, classical, and romantic eras, as well as Jewish music.

Mr. Qiu has played in the Phoenix Symphony’s first violin section since 2003, and prior to that was a member of the China National Symphony Orchestra. He has performed extensively throughout Europe, Asia and North America, and, after earning his American citizenship, Mr. Qiu was honored to play the National Anthem at Chase Field for the Diamondbacks in 2010.

Mrs. Qiu also is a violinist, and both sons play in youth concert groups.

The Qiu family are familiar faces at Beth Ami Temple. Mr. Qiu performs the Kol Nidre every year at Yom Kippur services at the synagogue, where the family holds membership.

“Without music, life is a journey through a desert,” Mr. Qiu says. “For us, music is all about sharing love and healing of souls, the language of the spirit and strongest form of magic.”


A successful start to the Beth Ami Speaker series with Brahm Resnik.

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Oct 312016


The Beth Ami Speaker Series started out the season with Brahm Resnik on October 23rd. Resnik is an anchor/reporter for Channel 12 News and moderator of “12 News Sunday Square Off,” the Valley’s leading political talk show.

Brahm spoke about the presidential campaign and explored the forces that shaped Arizona elections this November. He lead a very objective discussion of the candidates. Brahm did keep his journalistic integrity and did not advocate for either presidential candidate. The discussion explained insider election details, especially relating to polling.

The audience  could have listened to him for a much longer period. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon. It was a “great” way to start the Speaker Series!!!



Todd Herzog songs crooned to a successful fundraiser

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May 012016
Todd Herzog

Todd Herzog

This afternoon Beth Ami Temple’s fundraiser was a full house There was a lot of anticipation to hear the warm voice of Todd Herzog. His beautiful original melodies filled the room. The audience was privileged to hear two new songs, “The Light Within Me” and “All I Need”, soon to be on Todd’s upcoming CD, Something To Believe In, . His voice soared during his own rendition on Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelyah” and the audience cheered to show their appreciation.

It’s always fun to be able to participate in a concert. Todd did not disappoint his audience and included them in his “Prayer for Healing” and “Sheheyanu”.

The synagogue is very grateful for Donna Horwitz and Blossom Osofsky to once again pull off a successful fund raiser. We were truly thrilled that they were able to bring the very popular and charismatic Todd Herzog to our synagogue.

Dr Zuhdi Jasser President of American Forum For Democracy

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Jan 052016

Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, an American Muslim activist nationally recognized for his belief on the “separation of mosque and state”, as well as being vocal opponent of the ideology of “political Islam” will present “The Battle for the Soul of Islam” as part of the Beth Ami Temple Speaker Series on Sunday, January 24, 2016. The son of Syrian immigrants who escaped the oppressive Baath regime of Syria in the mid-1960’s for American freedom, Dr. Jasser is a devout Muslim and founder and President of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy. The AIFD is the most prominent American Muslim organization confronting the ideologies of political Islam and openly countering the belief that the Muslim faith is inextricably rooted to the concept of the Islamic State.

“Dr. Jasser presents a picture of Islam that represents religious tolerance for others and a different perspective,” says Beth Ami Temple Rabbi Arthur Abrams. “It is so important for us to hear about a more moderate view point of Islam.”
Dr. Jasser regularly briefs members of Congress on the threat of political Islam and has been called to testify on the issue of Muslim radicalization in the United States. During the event, Dr. Jasser will provide insight into the historical context of the cauldron in the Middle East that brewed ISIS and lay out the only path forward for the world’s interests: the promotion of a “Liberty Doctrine” in the Middle East and North Africa. The Arab Awakening of 2011 presented the region with a major opportunity at a transformation away from old Arabic military dictatorships toward liberty. Instead, this created a vacuum that is being filled by Islamist movements. Dr. Jasser looks to build the future of Islam through the concepts of liberty and freedom, and his organization’s mission is derived from a love for America and a love of Islam.

Dr. Jasser’s talk is free of charge but reservations are required. Since seating is limited, Please RSVP to Bobbi Lazarus at  or call 602-956-0805.


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Sep 112015

The Beth Ami Temple was overflowing with people excited to be at this seasons open house. The buzz in the room with everyone sharing their summer highlights and welcoming potential new members was wonderful to hear.

After a half hour of socializing the people were welcomed by Donna Horwitz, the event chairman, followed by Blossom Osofsky, the Beth Ami president. Rabbi Art Abrams spoke for a few minutes and welcomed all. Arnie Schwartz gave a short history of the Beth Ami Temple. Isabel Meth talked about our numerous social groups, which is one the the things that makes Beth Ami special. The evening concluded with two songs sung by Cantorial Soloist, Pam Beitman, who was accompanied by Beverly Fletcher. The crowd loved her songs especially the “Way to Say Ah Song”.

open house ladies

The tasty crew that set up the delicious delectables for the open house.

If last night was a sign of what this year is going to bring, then Beth Ami will have a Great Year!

2015 fundraiser was a musical success

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Apr 302015
baruch performs

Baruch Koritan sings Broadway melodies accompanied by Beverly Fletcher

This year’s Concert Fund Raiser was a wonderful, musical afternoon.
Everyone enjoyed it immensely. Baruch Koritan’s showmanship and song selection was appreciated by all. Oklahoma!, An Imposssible Dream and a selection from Les Miserables were particular highlights.

It was a pleasure to see the gifted Beverly Fletcher at the piano, who stepped in at the last minute for Baruch’s wife, Ruth, who was ill.