Classic Fundraiser with a Classic Family

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Apr 302017

They sweet sound of violin music filled the air of the Beth Ami annual fundraiser. Lan Qui, Joy Pan and their two boys Allen and Ivan gave a superb performance. The 90 minute concert was filled with classic pieces such as Dvorak’s Sonata in G major to an excerpt from Schindler’s List performed beautifully by Allen. Joy played an amazing 1950’s violin chart topper, The Hot Canary and the show ended with a wonderful rendition of God Bless the USA. Which is one of Lan’s favorite pieces and definitely an audience favorite tonight.

  • Pre concert practice

Todd Herzog songs crooned to a successful fundraiser

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May 012016
Todd Herzog

Todd Herzog

This afternoon Beth Ami Temple’s fundraiser was a full house There was a lot of anticipation to hear the warm voice of Todd Herzog. His beautiful original melodies filled the room. The audience was privileged to hear two new songs, “The Light Within Me” and “All I Need”, soon to be on Todd’s upcoming CD, Something To Believe In, . His voice soared during his own rendition on Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelyah” and the audience cheered to show their appreciation.

It’s always fun to be able to participate in a concert. Todd did not disappoint his audience and included them in his “Prayer for Healing” and “Sheheyanu”.

The synagogue is very grateful for Donna Horwitz and Blossom Osofsky to once again pull off a successful fund raiser. We were truly thrilled that they were able to bring the very popular and charismatic Todd Herzog to our synagogue.

2015 fundraiser was a musical success

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Apr 302015
baruch performs

Baruch Koritan sings Broadway melodies accompanied by Beverly Fletcher

This year’s Concert Fund Raiser was a wonderful, musical afternoon.
Everyone enjoyed it immensely. Baruch Koritan’s showmanship and song selection was appreciated by all. Oklahoma!, An Imposssible Dream and a selection from Les Miserables were particular highlights.

It was a pleasure to see the gifted Beverly Fletcher at the piano, who stepped in at the last minute for Baruch’s wife, Ruth, who was ill.

Dancin the night away with the Rural Street Klezmer Band

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Apr 272014


Rural Street Klezmer Band Beth Ami Fund Raiser

Rural Street Klezmer Band Beth Ami Fund Raiser

On April 26th, a full house of Beth Ami Temple members and visitors tapped, clapped and danced to the lively and varied music of the Rural Street Klezmer Band.  “I was thrilled to see so many new faces and the obvious reaction to our friendly, small temple with a big heart. When so many people got up and danced, it really ended the evening on a high note,”  stated  Donna Horwitz, co-chairperson for the event.

Salllie Terman gave a fascinating lecture on Jewish Gangsters

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Feb 262014
Sallie Turman - Professor of Criminology at SCC

Sallie Turman – Professor of Criminology at SCC

  Sallie Terman – Lectures on Jewish Gangsters at Beth Ami

On Saturday, February 21, it was a full house at Beth Ami Temple when Sallie Terman, professor of Criminology at Scottsdale Community College, gave a talk on Jewish Gangsters, the Early Years. The speech was very entertaining.  Sallie is a “pro” and it is understandable why her classes on Serial & Mass Murder are so popular that they are “standing room only”. The audience loved the speech and the evening concluded with a question and answer period.

The immigration wave of the Jews was from the 1890’s to the 1920’s. which followed the Irish and Italians.  Jewish juveniles called the Corner Boys hung around street corners in lower New York and Brooklyn, acted tough and looking to be noticed by gangster groups and eventually were invited to join them. They joined the Italians, rise to leadership and made up half of the gangsters in the country during this period.

Arnold Rothstein was the original kingpin, and the brains, who together with Lucky Luciano, formed the Crime Syndicate and Murder, Inc.  The Crime Syndicate operated as a major business and was the beginning of organized crime in the country. Prohibition was a major factor contributing to the growth of organized crime. Although it was illegal to transport liquor, it was not illegal to sell it.

Sallie sketched out the background and careers of a number of other well-known Jewish gangsters including Dutch Schultz; Myer Lansky and Bugs Siegel.  Bugs Siegel got his name because he was so “flighty” growing up. However, no one called him Bugs in his presence. He was eliminated by the syndicate because he skimmed money from them while running the Flamingo Casino in the early days of Las Vegas.

Unlike many criminals of the period,  most Jewish gangsters were close to their mothers and families, but kept their activities secret from them They did not want their children in the business and as such, had no successors.“ These Jewish boys murdered, stole and cheated on their wives, but they were always good to their ‘mommas’.”  They were strong family men, moved into society, sent their children to universities and into business to live the American Dream. Although not formally religious, they fought against antisemitism, breaking-up American Fund rallies, and were supporters of Israel.

Sallie’s lecture was well worth the money. To quote Dutch Schultz:  Wisdom is a good purchase, though we pay dear for it.


Donna Horwitz the Event Organizer and Sallie Turman Speaker

Donna Horwitz the Event Organizer and Sallie Terman Speaker

Violin concert

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Dec 212013

Lan Qui, Joy, his new bride, and Beverly Fletcher performed for April 21,2013 fundraiser.  The music was wonderful.  The sound of the violin took one away to another world.

As Lan and Joy played the music you could feel the audience was entranced.  The sweet music filled the room.

Broadway Night Fundraising Success

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May 082012

Sunday’s Broadway Review was a major success. Beverly and Jason were amazing.  We had over 160 attendees, and everybody had a wonderful time. Thanks to all those that worked so hard to bring this event off.  It was a wonderful evening.

Evening of Broadway Music

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Mar 302012

You are invited to…

An Evening Of Broadway Show Tunes

A Fund Raiser benefiting Beth Ami Temple & Palo Cristi Presbyterian Church

Singing and Music By

Beverly Fletcher & Jason McDonald

Coffee and Dessert Will Be Served Following the Concert

Sunday, May 6 2012

7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Tickets:  Advance Purchase: $15 each

At the Door:  $20 each

Location:  Palo Cristi Presbyterian Church

              3535 E. Lincoln Drive

               Phoenix, AZ 85253

Call Blossom Osofosky at 480-657-0888 for more information.